Technical Tips

Do I need an oven to store low hydrogen electrodes?

All low-hydrogen consumables must be dry to perform properly. Unopened Lincoln hermetically sealed containers provide excellent protection in good storage conditions. Once cans are opened, they should be stored in a cabinet at 250-300F (121-149C).

When the electrodes are exposed to the air, they will pickup moisture and should be redried. Electrodes exposed to the air for less than 1 week with no direct contact with water should be redried as follows:

E7018: 1 hour at 650-750F

E8018, E9018, E10018, E11018: 1 hour at 700-800F

If the electrodes come in direct contact with water or have been exposed to high humidity, they should be predried for 1-2 hours at 180-220F first before following the above redrying procedure.

Standard EXX18 electrodes should be supplied to welders twice per shift. Low hydrogen electrodes with the suffix "MR" have a moisture resistant coating and may be left out up to 9 hours or as specified by code requirements.

Source: From the Lincoln Electric technical library